Dental crown pain relief

Dental crown pain relief

1.    Real vanilla extract

Vanilla extract is commonly used as a baking ingredient, but did you know that it can soothe dental  pains associated with crowns? It works well by numbing your gums so that you will not be able to feel pain anymore. If you have troubles sleeping at night because your crown hurt a lot, gargle some vanilla extract before you sleep. The numbing effect usually wears off in a couple of hours, by that time you are fast asleep already.

2.    Wet and hot washcloth

A warm wash cloth can give you immediate crown pain relief, too. Using a clean towel, dip it in a basin of hot water and place on the side of your cheeks where it is most painful. This method works by alleviating gum soreness. You can repeat this as often as you want.

3.    Sliced cucumbers

Aside from helping you get rid of puffy and black under-eye bags, you can make use of cucumbers too to relieve dental crown pain. This is a very effective and inexpensive way. Place your sliced cucumbers inside the refrigerator and let it cool. Put it inside your mouth and feel how cucumbers will soothe your pain.

4.    Raw potatoes

Potatoes are just like cucumbers. They can give you instant relief. Just follow the same instructions with sliced cucumbers.

5.    Salt and warm water

Combining a pinch of salt and warm water is also an effective way of getting rid of crown pain. Mix the salt in water and gargle as often as you want.
Crowns are really literally a pain in the neck. But with these crown pain relief techniques, say goodbye to irritable days and sleepless nights.